A New Voice in the Book World: The Author

Many in publishing today like to call the author Hugh Howey ”overexposed.” And, as is usually the case when you hear this about a newsmaker, it means his messages are hitting home. For all the fine writers we have working today, we have not, until now, had one who had the time, the temperament, the visibility, and the stamina to articulate with real force the author’s experience of the digital dynamic. This is a firebrand, a smart one. Read More

Free the Writers! (From Each Other)

What do we need to do, in-community, to keep reminding each other to turn to the audience and deliver our best lines to the world, not to each other? Authors are striding through the sleeper cars and dining carriages of Twitter asking other writers to “buy my book!” This is hashtagged hokum. Read More

Publishing, Between Revolution and Revolt

Follow that burn­ing fuse. It runs between these two curi­ously dif­fer­ent words. We may need to think about which of them is closer to us. Rev­o­lu­tion. Pretty com­fort­able. Thanks to Madi­son Avenue, we nowa­days say “rev­o­lu­tion” for every change, from geopo­lit­i­cal alliances to bath­room tis­sue. Revolt. Not so com­fort­able. More acute. Some­thing or some­one feels out of con­trol. It’s an upris­ing, not a down­falling. Dangerous. Read More

New Year's Restitutions

In everyone’s defense: we’re being dri­ven to this stark-staring fix­a­tion on word counts by the Dig­i­tal Enable­ment. Nobody dast blame us. This is Boom Town, baby. Every­body can pub­lish, pub­lish, pub­lish. Who cares if you have noth­ing to say? Write a book, any­way. No, write four. Per year. If you don’t, you’re a wuss. Five-hundred words…I told you that part already, right? Okay. Happy new year. Read More

Scale: That All the Books Should Be Counted

#EtherIssue is on holiday hiatus now, but we’ll return to our regular schedule with Issues on the Ether on Tuesday, January 7, and our weekly #EtherIssue live Twitter discussion on the topic on Wednesday, January 8, at 11 a.m. ET / 4 p.m. GMT. This week, review our big recap of our robust discussion on ebooks and that alleged “flattening” of the market. Read More

#EtherIssue at Publishing Perspectives: Lists of Books…and Biases?

Do we need a bet­ter under­stand­ing of how many books are authored by men and how many by women? Or does it not matter? Are all these lists—Best Gar­den­ing in Dim Light Books for 2013!—really worth any­thing unless the var­i­ous media wav­ing them at us tell us how they cre­ated them? Read More

“Amazon Will Be Disrupted One Day”

What may have been the best lesson from the 60 Minutes interview getting so much traction this week is evident, finally, in Jason Del Rey’s piece at AllThingsD. And in bloggy-newsy tradition, it’s all in the piece’s long headline: Afraid Amazon Will Crush Your Small Business? “Complaining Is Not a Strategy,” Says CEO Jeff Bezos. Read More