IfBookThen in Milan: Soaring past 'book' to 'then'

  “It was easy to wonder where was the book in IfBookThen,” as Lucio Braganolo writes at ApogeOnline. And that was precisely the point, the purpose, and the pride of this “post-publishing”¬†conference in springtime Milan. Unique in an already-busy season of international conferences,¬†BookRepublic’s IfBookThen 2015¬†was devised by c.e.o. Marco Ferrario to get right past what… Read More

WRITING ON THE ETHER: Seeking Sanctuary

Writing on the Ether is a collection of news and perspectives on publishing. It is written by journalist and critic Porter Anderson for Jane Friedman and it appears at JaneFriedman.com each Thursday. Sponsorship opportunities are available and offer generous promotion. Read More