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    1. Thank YOU, Art, and I do believe you might like this new Kindle Fire, very impressed so far. Find someone who has one and give it a try. Cheers, and thanks for leaving a comment!

    1. Thanks so much, Maribeth, great to have you as a reader and very kind of you to leave such a nice comment. All the best for the holidays!

  1. What a holiday feast! So much good stuff here I don’t know where to start. Maybe I’ll just waddle back to the recliner and enjoy the satiation. Thanks.

    1. What a generous note, Cheryl, thanks so much for reading and commenting! Do come by often. 🙂

    1. Hey, Pete, obviously you’re a discriminating and sophisticated thinker, yourself. 🙂 Seriously, many thanks for this good comment, and for your support on Twiter. hope the holiday season is going well for you.

  2. Immersive reading is exactly what we have set out to do by way of transmedia storytelling. The challenge of course is the cost of production and planning an immersive experience with a long tail. Add the fact that consumers don’t know to ask for an ‘enhanced book’ or a ‘transmedia experience’ and you have an expensive to produce product going into a market that doesn’t even know the product exists. It’s coming, but we need more projects from big authors (perhaps some industry collaboration to set the bar, let consumers know what an immersive story can be) to create the category, to promote these immersive experiences as a reason to buy a tablet and a reason to spend a few more dollars on an ebook. See you at DBW, always appreciate your columns.

    1. Kevin, thanks for the great note. You’re getting at such an important point here, which is, of course, that readers/consumers — our customers, let us not forget — have precious little understanding of what can be done in the transmedial space. And it’s chicken or egg: Which comes first, the hugely successful transmedia offering that shows major authors a good direction? Or a major author going in this direction and prompting others to do the same? Should be very interesting finding out! Indeed, looking forward to seeing you at DBW! Thanks again for reading and commenting! -p.

      1. I agree that most readers, writers, sellers and publishers of traditional print books are unfamiliar with immersive transmedia storytelling, but the category is rapidly emerging nonetheless through the ingenuity and collaboration of traditional oral storytellers, installation artists, movie and video game producers, etc. Just as this nascent category is germinating outside traditional publishing, a new market for transmedia stories is being born among audiences/consumers not habitually tapped by print publishing. This is an exciting opportunity for publishing to dilate the audience, not just redefine it.

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