A "State Of Self-Publishing"…With No Retort

Image - iStockphoto: iBond79
Image – iStockphoto: iBond79

The Glass Half…

There shouldn’t be any animus between writers, however they publish. This is hard enough without trying to tear each other down. We are in this together. It’s our world that’s changing. In many ways, we should be standing together and demand that it change faster.

Hugh Howey is right. And the fact that there isn’t an author in traditional publishing who is meeting his steady delivery of opinion and guidance on authoring is not his fault.

In The State Of Self-Publishing, the self- and traditionally publishing Howey (more than 30 contracts, remember) offers a useful put-together of key themes, talking points around which he has built and promulgated his views for months. He has become not only an incisive observer of his own and other writers’ experiences in the fraught field of publishing today, but also a producer of input, himself: his AuthorEarnings.com site is, quarter by quarter, creating a succession of sales-data snapshots for comparative analysis.

His new summer summation, if you will, presses home some important clarifications that by now should strike publishing people like good therapy: as soon as you hear it, you feel like you always knew it.

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By Porter Ander­son | @Porter_Anderson

Writing on the Ether: A “State of Self-Publishing”…With No Retort

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